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Combining cutting-edge technology, design and experience, E&M Electromedicina’s products help health professionals in resuscitation and care of patients at the moments they need it most.

E&M Electromedicina is an Argentine company that develops, manufactures and sells medical electrical devices.

Our commitment to quality is noticeable in our management system oriented to client’s satisfaction and compliance with international standards that ensure quality and efficiency of the products manufactured.

All our products have a three-year warranty and our technical assistance ensures a quick and efficient answer. We also ensure permanent provision of spare parts and accessories of all our line of products.


Front image of the C-15 defibrillator
Lateral image of the C-15 defibrillator
Lateral image of the C-15 defibrillator
Front image of the C-15 defibrillator with graphic recorder
Lower image of the C-15 defibrillator with batteries
C-15 defibrillator accessories
Front image of the C-15 defibrillator with disposable pads
Front image of C-15 defibrillator with adult external paddles
Lateral image of the C-15 defibrillator
Front image of the C-15 defibrillator

The C-15 defibrillator provides the following functions:

Biphasic wave

Biphasic truncated exponential waveform with impedance compensation. Defibrillation up to 360 Joules. Manual, Automatic and synchronous cardioversion defibrillation.

Warranty 3 years

3 years of warranty, wiyh a low cost of operative maintenance.

A person holding the C-15 defibrillator

Weight less than 5 kg (11lb), making it compact and easy to operate during emergencies.

C-15 defibrillator AED mode screen

In AED mode, the defibrillator automatically analyzes the rhythm and determines whether a shock is advised. Voice and text prompts guide the user through the process. Voice recording is also available.

Lower image of the C-15 Defibrillator with batteries

Removable and rechargeable batteries keep the unit in constant operation. Each battery supports up to 6 hours operating time or 100 full energy shocks.

C-15 defibrillator accessories

A wide range of accessories and optional functions allow the user to set up the equipment in order to fit the needs of a variety of departments.

C-15 defibrillator connected to a notebook

Memory storage trends, waveforms and events of each patient. Easy PC connection to download and edit data.

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At E&M, we have developed a quality management system with the aim of supplying products of maximum reliability, technological innovation and post-sale assistance, with the permanent sponsorship of our commitment to quality and continuous improvement.

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Our traceability record system identifies each product individually, as well as its critical and accessory components. This allows us to trace them in the event of a potential failure and helps us to prevent their occurrence by immediately informing the client.

Our processes have been designed to manufacture reliable products, satisfy our clients’ needs, and meet the compliance requirement both at the local level and at the destination countries. For those reasons, we decided to show this commitment through the certification of our system and our products pursuant to the following international standards:

National Administration of Drugs, Food and Medical Technology (ANMAT)

The National Administration of Drugs, Food and Medical Technology is the agency that controls medical products in Argentina. It keeps a record of products and companies and issues the certificates that authorize local manufacture and sale and exportation.

ISO 13485

As a manufacturer of medical products, our company is audited annually by renowned certification entities that evaluate our capacity to supply medical devices to satisfy our clients’ requirements and the applicable compliance standards.

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Technical Assistance

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Our company offers a technical service of excellent quality to ensure the correct operation of our products during their life cycle.

With the aim of offering a fast and efficient post-sale service, our technical department has cutting-edge equipment, highly trained staff and permanent availability of spare parts and accessories.

Our company offers:

  • Extended warranty, 36 months with wide coverage
  • Preventive maintenance service with functional controls in field
  • User training
  • Online support and advice in the repair of devices
  • Permanent provision of spare parts for 5 years
  • Traceable records of spare parts and technical tasks

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